April 13, 2016

How to prepare Kanni Manga Achar?

 This is another style and a quicker way of preparing Kanni Manga / Vadu Manga achar.

Ingredients needed for Kanni Manga Achar
1/2 kilo small tender mangoes
Red chilli powder according to your taste
Rock Salt  according to your taste
1 tbsp mustard seeds ( roasted and grind to a powder )

How to prepare Kanni Manga Achar?
Wash, clean the small mangoes. Remove the extra stems and dry with a towel.
In a glass jar or a bharani, put in a layer of rock salt and then some mangoes. Repeat the process till you finish with the mangoes. Cover it with a layer of salt.
Close the bharani with a cloth tied up to close the opening. Shake it daily to see water content increasing in the jar.
You will see the mangoes shrinking in size.
Now add the chilli powder and the mustard powder to the mangoes and mix well.
The chilli powder should coat the mangoes nicely. Stir and shake it nicely at least 3 times a day. 
Now you can see the colour of the mangoes changing.
Try out the mango pickle with the curd rice, it will be yummy.

You can powder the rock salt  and use it. If you use table salt you will not get the real good flavour and taste of the pickle.
Always use rock salt for pickles.

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