April 01, 2016

How to cream butter?

Creaming the butter is the first step you have to do, to get a nice and soft, fluffy dessert. Nowadays mixers, blenders, hand beaters are available for these simple techniques.  Creaming the butter and sugar is needed while making pastries, cakes and some ice creams.

Traditional method of creaming:
Creaming the butter means to mix the mixture till it is smooth and creamy in texture. This is best done in a small bowl, with a wooden spoon.
You can cream just the butter or the butter abd sugar mixture.
Keep pressing the mixture against the sides of the bowl, with a back of the spoon, gently with soft strokes.
Nowadays it has become easier to make the butter smooth, with an electric hand blender or a mixer at a slow speed,  but the easiest of all seems to be putting the butter in a microwave able bowl and heating it for a minute.

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