April 01, 2016

How to hard boil eggs perfectly?

Ingredients needed for boiling eggs :
4 eggs
water to cover the eggs
salt or vinegar

How to prepare a perfect hard boiled egg?
To get a perfect hard boiled egg:- Take a sauce pan, put in the eggs. Add water just enough to cover the eggs. Water should be just over the immersed eggs.
Keep the flame on high till the water starts boiling nicely. Simmer and leave it for 6-8 minutes. Then remove from fire.
Cover for a minute or two. Drain the hot water and steep them in running water from the tap. Once it gets to room temperature remove the shell by tapping the eggs on the table. Do not pull by the shell, the flesh might come with it when the egg is quite hot.
There you get the nice looking eggs with whites covering the yellow yolks and not grey yolks.

You have just learnt how to get a perfect hard boiled egg. Now try out Egg Curry  and  Egg Roast. Both the recipes are very easy to make and tasty. Goes well with Rotis, chappathies and plain boiled rice too.

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