April 04, 2016

All about Kovaikka

Kovaikka / Kovaikkai, as it is called locally, is also known as tindora in HIndi and ivy gourd  / Coccinia in English. This  belongs to the melon family and is known as baby melon or bitter melon in some places.
The unripe green fruit is cooked and eaten in India as both dry and gravy dishes. When unripe the insides are of a pale green colour and when ripe it becomes reddish.

Medicinal / Health benefits of Kovaikka
The fruits have many medicinal properties. They are said to be used in treating leprosy, asthma, bronchitis and others in the traditional medicines.
The fruits possess anti an phylactic, anti histaminic properties.
They are said to be used in the treatment of Osteoarthritis and in the case of joint pains.

They are also said to control sugar levels in the Diabetics. it is said that the fruits have anti hypoglycemic properties and researches are being done on this.
The fruit is an anti oxidant  and is very good for health which ever way you eat it. Try and add it in your daily diet. You can add it in Sambar, kootu, poriyal or as a gravy / sabzi for chappathies and rotis. Really tastes very nice.

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