February 29, 2016

Chakka Pazham Varattiyathu

Chakka Pazham Varattiyathu is a tastiest and unforgettable delicacy of Kerala. Summer is the season for this delicious dish. If you are travelling in Kerala around summer time, you will get this in the sweet shops and bakeries too. 
It is a bit tedious recipe  but if made at home tastes even better. This chakka varattiyathu is used while preparing Chakka Pradhaman .

Ingredients for Chakka pazham Varattiyathu
1 kilo ripe Jackfruit pieces / Chakka Pazha chula
500 grams Jaggery
200 grams Ghee

How to prepare Chakka Pazham Varattiyathu?
Clean all the unwanted parts of the jack fruits if you have an whole jackfruit with you.
Weigh the ripe pieces of the Jack fruit and take 1 kilogram of the fruits.
Then chop pazha chula / jack fruit  into small pieces and keep aside.
Apply ghee all over the fruit pieces.
Heat Jaggery without water. Once the jaggery starts melting, stir continuously.
Add the chopped fruit pieces into the melted jaggery. Do not stop stirring or it will stick to the bottom.
When the jaggery gets thicker and syrupy and the chakka pazham gets mashed remove from fire.
Store in dry air tight containers. This varatti will stay for a long time.

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