August 16, 2016

All about Banana Flower / Vazhakoombu

Banana / Plantain tree flower is called as Vazhappoo in Malayalam and Tamil. It is available in many of the vegetable shops and is very nutritious.  The vegetable is a bit bitter but all the bitter vegetables are said to be nutritious and this is no exception.
When you use this Banana Flower you should know how to clean it. The purplish coloured vegetable comes with petals, sepals, inside Blossoms with thin stalks inside etc.

How to clean and use the banana flower?
First you have to remove the outer purplish coloured sepals  but keep the flowers or the blossoms inside separately. Removce the outer covering till there are no more flowers inside and it is just one big flower of yellowish colour.  Neither you will find coverings  to remove nor you will find flowers there.
You can chop the yellow coloured  flower just like the way you chop cabbage or onions. Leave it in water laced with turmeric powder.
Then take the blossoms of the banana flower. You will find a transparent petal in that, you remove that and when you open the bottom part you will find a longer stalk with a thick bottom there. Remove that from all the blossoms.  Chop these together. The longer stalk in the blossom is unedible. You will not be able to chop it either.
Now soak them all in the turmeric water for half an hour. Just before cooking, squeeze out the water from the chopped flower and use as the recipe tells you.

Nutrtional Benefits of Banana Flower
It is said that cooked banana flower should be eaten with curd  and is considered an effective medicine for menstrual disorders like painful menstruation and excessive bleeding.
Banana flower is said to increase the hormone progesterone  which reduces the bleeding.

The vegetable has lots of fibre content which is said to help in digestion and bowel movements and help those who have constipation problems.

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