April 03, 2016

Pavaikka Vatral Kichadi

Pavaikka Vatral  also known as Vathal, is the sun dried bitter gourd pieces.
You can either buy pavaikka vathal over the counter in shops or make it at home.

Ingredients needed for Pavaikka Vatral Kichadi
1/2 cup Pavaikka vatral
2 pieces Mulagu vatral 
1/2 cup fresh curds
Salt to taste
2 tsps coconut oil
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1 red chilli, broken in to bits
few curry leaves
Oil to deep-fry

How to prepare Pavaikka Vatral Kichadi?
Deep fry the pavaikka vathal and mulaku vathal.
Drain on to a paper towel and keep aside.
Crush them lightly in a mixer. Transfer the ground mixture to a bowl.
In another bowl, stir in the fresh curds. Mix the crushed bittergourds well with a spoon and see that there are no lumps.
Check and adjust for salt. Be careful when you add salt as the dried bitter gourds will have salt in them.
In a small pan, heat oil. Splutter mustards and fry the broken red chillies and curry leaves.
Pour over the kichadi. Serve with rice.

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