October 17, 2018

Vazhaithandu Mulaghootal, a Tamil Nadu Recipe

Ingredients needed for Vazhaithandu Mulaghootal
2 cups finely chopped Vazhathandu / Plantain Stem
1/4 cup Split Moong Dal
1/2 cup fresh grated Coconut
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
2 pinches Turmeric Powder
Salt to taste

Roast and grind to a paste with coconut
1 tsp Urad Dal
1 Red Chilly

1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
few Curry Leaves
2 tsp Coconut Oil

How to prepare Vazhathandu Mulaghootal?
Immerse the chopped Vazhathandu in a bowl of water mixed with a pinch of turmeric and a spoon of curds. Leave it for at least 10 minutes or until you are ready to use it.
In a non stick pan, roast the dal without burning it till you get a nice aroma.
Pressure cook the dal along with the vazhathandu, 1 1/2 cups of water, turmeric powder and salt to taste for about 2 to 3 whistles. Remove and let the cooker cool.
In the meanwhile, heat a tspful oil in a small frying pan and fry the urad dal and dried red chilly till they turn golden.
Grind this along with the fresh grated coconut and cumin seeds to a fine paste adding little water as and when needed.
Add the coconut paste to the dal and vegetable in the cooker and mix well..
Add more water if needed to adjust the consistency and bring to boil again.
As it starts boiling remove and temper with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

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