August 14, 2016

Masala Coated Peanuts / Masala Kadalai

Ingredients needed for Masala Peanuts
2 cups raw peanuts / ground nuts
1/2 cup Besan
2 tbsps rice flour
Salt to taste ( about 3/4 th tsp)
1 tsp chilli powder
oil as needed for deep frying

How to prepare Masala Peanuts?
Mix in all the dry ingredients namely Besan, Rice flour, chilli powder, and salt to taste. Do not add water to this. Keep the mixture dry.
Take the peanuts in a bowl and sprinkle a little water on them so that they get wet.
Now sprinkle the flour mix little by litle over the peanuts and mix well.
You can see the flour sticking to the peanuts.
Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Now take a handful of peanuts and drop them in to the hot oil.
Fry them till they get a golden brown colour. Remove and drain them ona kitchen towel.
As it cool down, store in an air tight container. 

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