April 02, 2016

Mathanga Payasam / Pumpkin Payasam

Ingredients needed for Mathanga Payasam / Pumpkin Payasam
1 kilo pumpkin
2 coconuts
100 grams Sago
100 grams ghee
3/4 kilo jaggery
Thenga Kotthuu ( small bits of coconut) as you like
1 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tbsps split cashew nuts
2 tbsps raisins
2 tsps cumin seeds
4 green cardamoms

How to prepare Mathanga Payasam?
Peel and clean the skin and the seeds from the pumpkin. Cut them in to small pieces and pressure cook them till they get just tender, may be a whistle or two. Remove and cool.
Cook Sago separately and keep aside.
Extract 2 cups of first thick coconut milk and 4 cups of medium thick second milk and 6 cups of thin third milk.
Heat 3 tbsps of ghee in a thick bottommed pan and add the cooked pumpkin pieces. stir well for a minut or two.
Now add cooked sago to it and mix well.
Add the strained syrupy jaggery in to the pan and mix well. Let the mix simmer tillall the ingred‪ients mix and blend well.
Add the third coconut milk and bring it boil. As itstarts boiling nicely add the second milk. Let it come to boil. Simmer for 5 minutes.
Now add the first coconut milk. As the bubbles start appearing remove from stove.
heat the remaining ghee and fry the cashew nuts, raisins, til seeds andadd them to the payasam. Mix well.
Now add the roasted and powdered cumin seeds and cardamom and mix nicely.
Serve either hot or cold.

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