April 01, 2016

How to get puffed up poories?

Ingredients for the dough
2 cups atta
a pinch of salt
just enough water to knead the dough
1 tbsp oil optional

How to get puffed up poories?
Knead the dough as given here. Just follow the method given but lessen the amount of water used.
The dough should be stiffer than the Chappathi dough, only then it will puff up nicely.
The pooris will get soaked with oil if the water content is more. The dough should be elastic but stiff.
Make uniformly shaped small balls ( size of a small gooseberry ) and then roll them out into small rounds
Heat oil in a deep fry pan wide enough to deep fry the Pooris.
The oil should get boiling hot but not smoking.The adjustment of the temperature should be very correct while making puris.
If it is too hot you will get darker and reddish coloured pooris and if the temperature is low you will get pale and oil soaked pooris.
You can heat the oil just as you would fry a papad, put in a small bit to test the heat, if it comes out right then start frying the pooris to a golden brown colour.
As soon as you put in the puri into the oil, press it with the back of a spoon so that it gets immersed in hot oil, it will puff up nicely.
Now flip it over and see that the hot oil touches on all sides of the poori.
Remove and leave  it on a kitchen towel or a drainer to collect the extra oil.

Serve with Potato Masala or the Potato Stew with Pooris for the best combination. Choose some thing from the Potato Recipes here

If you are unable to make round shaped pooris, you can roll out a thin sheet on the countertop and then cut it with a round cookie cutter.
You can also cut with a biscuit cutter or a small steel cup. You will get perfect shaped pooris then.

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