April 05, 2016

About Chinese Potatoes / Koorka Kizhangu

Koorka Kizhangu also known as Chinese Potato in India is a native of tropical Africa, where it is known as country potato or native potato.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant, of the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is cultivated in parts of West Africa, South Africa, Madagascar, South Asia and Southeast Asia for its edible tubers. In the south east Asia, it is mostly grown in Sri Lanka and the South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The tubers are generally oblong or oval shaped and are about 5 cm  long. The tubers generally have dark grey or brown skin and white or cream-colored flesh. These tubers are produced at the end of the stems in clusters.

In both India and Africa, a preparation of its boiled leaves is used as a home remedy for dysentery.

There are different names for these tubers in India.They are
Koorka / Sheema Kizhangu, chivakizhnagu, koorkan kizhangu in Malayalam
Soppur Kooke” in Konkani
Koorka-kizhangu and Siru kizhangu in Tamil
Sambrali in Kannada
Chinese Potato as the Indian English name for the tubers

These tubers can be used just like you would cook potatoes / colocasia etc. I will give you some of the recipes using this tuber.

Koorka Chemmeen Curry
Koorka Chilli Fry
Koorka Manga Curry
Beef Koorka Ularthu

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