February 26, 2016

Sarkara Ada

Ingredients needed for Sarkara Ada
1 cup Chemba Puttu podi
1 cup jaggery powder
1/4 cup cooked cheru payaru ( Moong )
Cardamom powder as per taste
2 tbsp coconut cut in to small pieces
a pinch of salt
2 tsps ghee

How to prepare Sarkara Ada?
Heat a cup of water in a vessel and melt the jaggery. Strain and keep aside.
Add the cooked whole green gram, ghee and a pinch of salt to this jaggery water. Mix well.
Bring the mixture to boil, add the rice flour little by little and cook the rice.
Add more water if needed.
Remove when the rice flour gets cooked and let cool.
Now divide the mixture in to small portions, shape in to balls and flatten them like a vada on a plastic sheet.
Keep them on a idli plate and steam in a cooker till soft.
You can shape them in to thin or thick ada, both taste alike,.. yummy.

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