February 29, 2016

Chicken Podimas

Ingredients needed for Chicken Podimas
750 grams Boneless chicken
2 cups Sambar onion, finely chopped
8 Red chillies, deseeded and halved
handful curry leaves
1/2 cup tomato finely chopped
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
4 tbsps gingelly oil- 4 tbsp

Grind the following ingredients coarsely
1 tsp Fennel seeds
1 tsp shredded ginger
10 small garlic flakes
1 piece cinnamon

How to prepare Chicken Podimas?
Heat oilin a pan, saute chopped onions till they are golden.
Then add the ground masala paste, turmeric powder and the broken red chillies.
Fry for a few seconds and add chopped tomato, a pinch of salt and curry leaves.
Mix well and cook until the tomatoes get mashed and the oil starts coming out.
Cut the chicken in to tiny pieces and add them to the cooking mixture.
Add salt to taste and cook till the chicken gets tender.
When gravy in the chicken gets completey dried up and is well cooked remove from fire.
Sprinkle with chopped coriander leaves.

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